I give personal attention to all my boarders, which includes daily grooming, loving, and for the more active cats, there is playtime too!

"Our cat Dyson loves going there and we go away knowing he is well looked after"

Barry & Michael
Pissouri, Limassol

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The cattery was built in 2009, it is situated in our garden close to the house, which enables me to hear what is happening and for the chatty cats to see me and have a little chat while I’m working in my garden.

Life in the cattery

The day starts about 5.30am when all the cats are fed their favourite food. (it is important for owners to let me know what their cat likes). Then each pen is cleaned and the cats are cuddled and groomed
if they let me (but I will keep trying even if I have had a quick scratch with a sharp claw) and for our younger guests we play with the toys throwing the balls up and down the corridor or chasing the toys. Once every pen is clean and all the cats have had all the attention they need it’s time to read my E-mails and put cat pictures on Facebook. This is usually done with one of the boarders on my knee (that’s when they’re not sitting on my laptop).

It is important to spend as much time as possible with the cats to get to know each one's individual personality. I have a couple of cats who come and insist on the same pen every time and another two who like variety.

Arrival and going home: It is important when you bring your cats to the cattery that you let me know if they have been ill or their behaviour has changed as this enables me to give then the best care possible. The same applies when you collect your cat I will tell you how they have been, the little things they have been up to, and if they have changed their choice in food (this does sometimes happen a cat will smell the cat in the next pen eating something else and will sit looking at their bowl then me as if to say I don’t want this today!).

Throughout the day each pen is opened in turn so the cat/s can have a time to wander up and down the corridor, see who else is staying and get a little exercise.

At about 5pm tea is served, then all the cats are cuddled and settled down for the night.


If at any time your cat is behaving differently I will contact you to see if this is something you know about.But if ever you are concerned or your cat is unwell I will take it to the vet
and contact you straight away to let you know what is happening. Once the problem is diagnosed I will contact you regularly to give you updates on how your little friend is getting on.

Busy Periods

Our busy times are Christmas and New Year and also July and August so please book early if you plan to go away during these periods. As we can only cater for a limited number of cats, we urge you

not to leave it too late before booking to avoid disappointment.


Whilst in the cattery, your cats will be cared for and loved as if they were my own and our own are very spoiled little kitty’s. I am available by phone for bookings between 8am and 5pm, if your cat is

staying at the cattery you can text or phone me even in the evenings to check how they are, as cat owners we do worry about our little friends.

We also have access to a 24 hour vet on call, and of course further special care is given for the elderly, sick or convalescents.



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